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Industrial Park



- Located in the largest area of industrial region of Dong Nai Province - Suitable for processing and labor-intensive industries

Exchange rate 1 USD = 20,910 VNĐ 1 JPY = 208.88 VNĐ
092-433 8133
(+84-8) 6255 1888


Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company
Add: 113-116 Plot C2, An Binh Residential Area, An Binh Ward,
Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province,Viet Nam
Tel: 84.61.3886 0784 - 3886 0785 - Fax: 84.61.3886 0783
Located in Nghia Thanh, Suoi Nghe commune, Chau Duc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province
Distance to IP
(1) Roads:
- 06 km from National Road No.56
- 13 km from National Road No.51
- 44 km from Vung Tau City
- 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City (Phuoc Long ICD)
(2) Ports:
- 16km to Thi Vai Port
- 19 km to Cai Mep Deep Water Port
- 21 km to Go Dau Port
(3) Airports:
- 54 km to Long Thanh International Airport
Representative: Mr. HASEGAWA
Add                 : ROYAL GARDEN PALACE 2F, 1-10-15,toukouji, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka- Japan
Tel                  : (81-92) 4338133
Fax                  : (81-92) 4338144
Email               :
Contact           : Ms. Huynh Ngoc Phuong Chan
Add                 : 456-458 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh, D.1, HCM city , Vietnam
Tel                   : (84-8) 62551888
Fax                  : (84-8) 3846 6488
Email               :
2,288 ha. In which,
A. Total Industrial area : 1,556 ha
· Land use for Industrial factories and workshops : 1066 ha
- High tech section : 193 ha
- Multi-industrial section : 734 ha
- Less–polluted industrial section : 139 ha
· Land use for operation and service centers,
warehouses, main infrastructures, trees, water
system and roads : 490 ha
B. Chau Duc Residential area : 538 ha
- Commercial area and public area : 77 ha
- Residential area : 203 ha
- Parks and public gardens : 153 ha
- Roads, car parks and basic infrastructures : 105 ha
C. Land outside the Residential area : 194 ha
- Golf Course : 152 ha
- Resettlement area : 42 ha
Occupancy rate
Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park has a very favorable location as it closely connects with backbone traffic systems. With such a location, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park holds advantages in connecting with other provinces, cities and major economic zones in the south-eastern region.
Altitude above sea level
Legal services
Project – Finance
Time to issue investment certificate, business license
Within 07 days since receiving complete document
Leasing term for land:
Since signing lease contract to 2059
Land rent
12,480VND/m2/year (equivalent to $0.6/m2/year)
Minimum size of rental factory
Warehouse leasing price
Management fee
10,400VNĐ VND/m2/year (equivalent to $0.5/m2/year)- yearly payment
Infrastructure using fee
Power Supply System
Two transformer stations of 110/22 KV with capacity 2 x 63 MVA each.
Electricity price
price offered by Electricity Company of Vietnam for voltage from 22KV to 110 KV
1.Normal hours: 1184 VND / kWh (equivalent to $ 0.057 / kWh)
- From Monday to Saturday: 04h00 - 09h30, 11h30 - 17h00, 20h00 - 22h00
- Sunday: 04h00-22h00
2. Off-peak hours: 746VND/Kwh (equivalent to $ 0.036 / kWh)
Every day of the week: 22h00 - 04h00 the next morning
3. Peak hours: 2156 VND/ kWh (equivalent to $ 0.104 / kWh)
- From Monday to Saturday: 09h30 - 11h30, 17h00 - 20h00
- Sunday: no peak hour
(Prices are not inclusive of VAT, subject to change under Government regulations)
Water Supply System
Co-operation for tap water plant with Phase 1 capacity of 50.000 cubic meters/day to maximum capacity of 200,000 cubic meters/day.
Water Price
7,425 VNĐ/m3 (approximately 0.357USD/m3)
Payment method: monthly
Wastewater Treatment System
-Building three (03) wastewater treatment plants with estimated capacity of 35,000 cubic meters/day night
- Wastewater to be treated: both sanitary and industrial wastewater
Waste treatment price
6,656 VND/m3 ( approximately 0.4USD/m3/year )
- Chargeable volume is counted at 80% of supplied water volume
- Treatment fee: shall be calculated based on the principle that the fee is not lower than other industrial zones having the same kind of service in Vietnam.
Telecommunications System
Modern and international-standard telecom network, telephone system and high-speed internet are perfectly installed to meet investors’ requirements by Vung Tau  Post Office
The labor resource
Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu has about 477,000 workers, of which 37.9% works in agriculture sectors and 63.1 % works in non-agriculture sectors.
Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park will create jobs for 80,000 laborers in addition to giving a facelift to the local economy and society.
Minimum wage:
2,000,000 VND / month (equivalent to 96 USD / month)
(Application of Decree 70/2011/ND-CP on 22/08/2011)
Popular current salary:
1. Worker: 2,500,000 - 3,000,000 VND / month (approximately 120 - 144
USD / month)
2. Officer, engineer, supervisor and management level: negotiable, depending on qualifications and work experience.
Social insurance, health insurance
Total Social Insurance: 30.5%, in detailed:
• Social insurance: 24%
• Health insurance: 4.5%
• Unemployment insurance: 2%
• Enterprises have to pay monthly 20% of total salary fund employees (16% for social insurance, 3% for health insurance and 1% for unemployment insurance)
• Employees have to pay 9,5% (7% for social insurance, 1,5% for health insurance and 1% for unemployment insurance)
Vocational school
 Ba Ria - Vung Tau province has 22 schools and vocational training centers, including 15 Universities, colleges and Institute.
Enterprises /Project
Industry Attraction
Clean industrial and high tech section in the North will attract following industries:
· Electronic components parts, computer and semi-conductors assembling industry;
· Production of cables and materials for telecommunication;
· Pharmaceutical and medical products;
· Car, motorbike, bicycle assembling;
· Accurate mechanics
· Household electrical appliances.
· Processing and manipulate gold, silver, gemstones, diamond and other valuable metals, etc…
Multi-industrial section in the South will attract following industries:
· Steel structure and mechanical manufacturing;
· Agro-pharmaceutical and agricultural products processing;
· Construction materials production (not including concrete products and components);
· High grade fashion garment, footwear, textile (not including dying stuff process);
· Plastic products;
· Wood products processing and wooden furniture;
· Products from petrochemical and chemical products (not including some basic chemicals, vegetation protection chemicals and fertilizers which arise industrial wasted water);
Industries that are not welcome and restricted to invest into the Industrial Park:
· Pulp (paper powder) production;
· Metal plate and wax technology.
· Seafood productions;
· Rubber latex production;
· Steel production from wasted metal as materials with un-continuous furnace technology.
According to the Government's Decree No. 124/2008/ND-CP on 11/12/2008 is 25%
Traffic System
- Asphalted road with 30 tons loading capacity.
- Center main road North South with 4 lanes, separation 2 meters, width 50 meters.
- Branch roads with 2 lanes, width 29 meters.
Fire Prevention
Water supply system with modern fire-fighting equipment is located along road lines.
Green tree and Environment
There is over 6.69 ha of green trees arranged along the internal roads.

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