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Industrial Park



- Located in the largest area of industrial region of Dong Nai Province - Suitable for processing and labor-intensive industries

Exchange rate 1 USD = 20,910 VNĐ 1 JPY = 208.88 VNĐ
092-433 8133
(+84-8) 6255 1888


Amata (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Add:Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Tel:(84-61) 3991-007
Fax:(84-61) 3891-251
Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City , Dong Nai Province. Description:
-30km from HCM City and 5km from Bien Hoa City
-90km from Vung Tau and 40km from Phu My seaports
-32km from Saigon and 25km from Tan Cang ( New Port ) river ports
-35km from Tan Son Nhat Airport
Representative: Mr. HASEGAWA
Add                 : ROYAL GARDEN PALACE 2F, 1-10-15,toukouji, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka- Japan
Tel                  : (81-92) 4338133
Fax                  : (81-92) 4338144
Email               :
Contact           : Ms. Huynh Ngoc Phuong Chan
Add                 : 456-458 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh, D.1, HCM city , Vietnam
Tel                   : (84-8) 62551888
Fax                  : (84-8) 3846 6488
Email               :
494 ha
Occupancy rate
Strategical Location
It is located at the important section of the northern key economic zone. Taking advantage of its favorable geographical position (along National Road 5 midway between Hanoi and Hai Phong port, the largest port in northern Vietnam) and appropriate infrastructure development and investment attraction policies, Dai An Industrial Park has made impressive strides in recent years.
Altitude above sea level
40 M
Good services of: high-speed data transfer, banking, fire-fighting , security, super markets, schools, houses for professors and workers, restaurants, entertainment …. right in IP
Time to issue investment certificate, business license
Within 07  days since receiving complete document
Leasing term for land:
Since signing the lease agreement to  2058
Land rent
about 27,040VND/m2/year (equivalent to $1.3 USD / m2 / year) (including the infrastructure maintenance fee)
Minimum size of rental factory
From 1.000m2 to 100.000m2.
Warehouse leasing price
$3~$3.5 USD /m2/month (exclusive of Vat)
Management fee
US$ 0.95 / m2/ Month
Power Supply System
Power from National Grid Substation in Industrial park, 22KV and Amata Bien Hoa Power  Plant with the capacity: 12.8 MW
Electricity price
1.Normal hours: 1184 $ / kWh (equivalent to $ 0.057 / kWh)
- From Monday to Saturday: 04h00 - 09h30, 11h30 - 17h00, 20h00 - 22h00
- Sunday: 04h00-22h00
2. Off-peak hours: 746VND/Kwh (equivalent to $ 0.036 / kWh)
Every day of the week: 22h00 - 04h00
3. Peak hours: 2,156 VND / kWh (equivalent to $ 0.104 / kWh)
- From Monday to Saturday: 09h30 - 11h30, 17h00 - 20h00
 - Sunday: no peak hour
Water Supply System
water comes from Dong Nai Water Supply Company with the capacity of  30,000 m3/ Day
Water Price
6500 VNĐ /m3 (approximately 0.3125 USD/m3)
Payment method: monthly
Wastewater Treatment System
A waste water treatment plant with a designed capacity of 4,000 cubic meters per day currently operates at 1,000 cubic meters per day.
Waste treatment price
6,615 VND/m3(approximately 0,318 USD/m3)
Waste water is assumed to be 80% of good water consumed
Telecommunications System
A telephone exchange with 960 lines is located in the industrial park.
The labor resource
Population of Dong Nai Province is about 2 million and of Bien Hoa City is about 0.6 million. 70% of population is under 35 years old.
There are approximately 16,000 employees living and working in the industrial,
· Labor: US$40/ month
· Staff and Officer : US$80-150/ month
· Supervisor : US$250-300/ month
· Engineer and Technical staff : US$130- 150/ month
Social insurance, health insurance
Total Social Insurance: 30.5%, in detailed:
• Social insurance: 24%
• Health insurance: 4.5%
• Unemployment insurance: 2%
• Enterprises have to pay monthly 20% of total salary fund employees (16% for social insurance, 3% for health insurance and 1% for unemployment insurance)
• Employees have to pay 9,5% (7% for social insurance, 1,5% for health insurance and 1% for unemployment insurance)
Vocational school
3 University, 3 College, 7 Institute, 7 Training Center
Enterprises /Project
Over 115 multi international enterprises, in which :
1. Japan 44%
2. Taiwan 17%
3. Others 12%
4. U.S.A 8%
5. Korea 7%
6. Singapore 3%
7. Hongkong 3%
8. Thailand 3%
9. Vietnam 2%
10. Germany 2%
Industry Attraction
  • Automobile spare parts, con­struction steel, steel pipes, floating glass.
  • Electronics and household electronics - Plastics, rubber, chemicals, agrochemicals, paint.
  • Food and aquatics processing.
  • Textiles and garments.
  • Construction materials.
  • Packaging.
Investment Incentives
  • CIT: 25%
  • Import Tax:
Enterprises with foreign owned capital and parties to the business cooperation contract shall be exempted from import duties on goods imported to form fixed assets, including:
Machinery, Equipment.
Specialized means of transportation, which are included in a technological process and means of transportation used to transport workers (with 24 seats or more).
Components, details, spare parts, fittings, pattern, mound and accessories accompanying the above mentioned machinery equipment and specialized means of transportation.
Construction materials, which are not yet locally produced.
The exemption from import duties on the imported goods above stated shall also apply to the cases of expanding the scope of a project, replacing and renewing the technology.
Raw material, spare parts, parts, and materials imported for production of goods for export shall be exempt from import duty.
Projects included in the list specially encouraged investment projects shall be entitled to exemption from import duty in respect of raw materials for production for 5 (five) years from the time when production commences.
Projects on mechanical, electrical and electronic components and parts shall be exempted from import duty in respect of production materials for 5 (five) years from the time when production commences.
The internal road system with sidewalks, shade trees and lighting has been completed for the first phase. All the roads are asphalted. The main roads are 52m wide and secondary roads 24m wide.
Fire Prevention
Water supply system with modern fire-fighting equipment is located along road lines.
Green tree and Environment
There is a system of green trees along the roads and other area.

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